Large Clear Quartz Bundle

Large Clear Quartz Bundle

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Delicate and divine bouquet of local dried florals, rosemary smudge stick, and an energised clear quartz wand. Especially bundled for your nurturing rituals or self care intentions. 

How to use:
Clear a small space in your home as a dedicated altar, place your crystal wand there along with any other totems, journals or words of affirmations you may have surrounding your self-care intention. 

You will find:
1x Dried Rosemary Smudge Stick

Burn as a cleanse for one's self and home.

1x Clear Quartz Wand, 12cm.
Brings high vibrations, amplified energy, increased awareness and clarity. Supports in opening up the mind and elevating negative perceptions into enlightened ones.
Cleanses the mind and body and strengthens the alignment to one's higher self.

Each bundle is unique, just like you!
Crystals will slightly differ in proportion and appearance, but the contents and properties remain the same.